So Wat Coffee Roasters                                                            J04

Address            : A29 Borey Prem Prei,

                          Street Charles De Gaulle,

                          Siem Reap, Cambodia

Tel                    : 855 61 523 325

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Overseas Principal/ Local Agent/ Brand


Address            : Via Luigi Bezzera, 1

                          20088 Rosate Milano, Italy

Tel                    : +39 02 9084 8102

Fax                   : +39 02 9087 0287

URL                  :


“So Wat! Is the first specialty coffee roaster in Siem Reap that imports & freshly roasts Specialty Coffees from the finest selected origins around the world to maximize the quality and freshness that coffees have to offer. So Wat is also the first Cambodia agent of “Bezzera”, the first company that invented and patented espresso machine since 1901 in Italy. Specializing in fresh specialty coffee solutions together with value-added services such as coffee business development, training & after-sale services has empowered us to work closely and support cafes, hotels, restaurants and contribute to the development of quality coffee culture in Cambodia. So Wat!”


Product           : 1. Roasters

                          2. Specialty Coffee Roasters

                          3. Brewing & Grinding Equipment

                          4. Café Utensils

                          5. Coffee &Tea Accessories

                          6. Coffee Brewing Equipment

                          7. Coffee Makers

                          8. Filters

                          9. Training & Education

                          10. Wholesales