WoT-Natural Khmer Moringa                                        N02 - N10

Address            : #861, Street 61C, Trea Village

               Steung Meanchey District

               Phnom Penh City, Cambodia

Tel                    : +855 092 262 401

Email                : ungvann@gmail.com

URL                  : www.wotnakhmermo.com


WoT-Natural Khmer Moringa (or simply as WOT) with prior original brand of Natural Khmer Moringa has been serving the CAmbodian market since 2011. WoT’s diverse products are recognized as premium quality in local nutrition industry with moringa-based powder with export quality. WoT-Natural Khmer Moringa has been struggling many critical problems to set up itself to be a remarkable hancraft of Herbal Nutritional foods, using organic-grown moringa plants of Cambodia as a main raw material.

WOT has covered majority in Phnom Penh market via existing natural organic market channel and already spread out to provinces, since 2013. WoT-Natural Khmer Moringa commits to give fair compensation to staff and its suppliers-local community farmers. On the hornor of our qualified work in 2017, WOT has achieved its honorable 5S certificate among other 7 successors out of the 400+ of local SMEs from Ministry Industry and Handicraft. On its way of operation, WoT will apply for some other standards such as HACCP and GMP in the near future.


Product            : 1. Tea Leaves

               2. Moringa Manufacturer