PT Archipelago International Indonesia                            B15

Address           : Jakarta & Bali, Indonesia

URL                  : Archipelago International WF Centre Page

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Archipelago International is the largest hotel management and franchise company in Southeast Asia with over 200+ properties and over 4 Billion USD in assets under management. Archipelago International has a multinational team with some of the most experienced managers in the industry offering complete solutions for hotel management and franchise development including ISO certified standards, advanced IT infrastructure and industry leading e-commerce and sales and marketing platforms. Archipelago International leads the way in reaching, engaging and booking customers 24/7 across a wide array of powerful distribution channels. If you're interested in building a new hotel or converting an existing one to one of our established brands including Aston, Harper, Neo or Fave, Archipelago International would love to hear from you and you can contact Archipelago International through their franchising partner at World Franchise Associates.