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  Incheon, Korea.

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1. Pizza Maru (Korean Pizza & Chicken)

Pizza Maru is Korean pizza specialty franchise that has 12 years of business experience. It is a brand with 650 stores in korea and 9 stores in 5 different regions.

2. Green Tea Well-Being Dough

Use a healthy dough with 12 different grains, including green tea and chlorella. Obtained Korean patent <10-0866772>

3. Pizza

Green tea well-being dough, special sauces, natural cheeses and fresh ingredients that make you feel the best taste of nature (about 28 kinds including Monter Pizza, Mon Pere Pizza, Real Chicago Pizza and etc.)

4. Chicken

Well-being chicken with rice and green tea (about 8 kinds including vegetable chicken, honey garlic and etc.

5. Pasta and fried rice about 15 kinds.


Product            : 1. Korean Pizza

                          2. Chicken Franchise