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Address           : Turku, Finland

URL                 : Hesburger Website

Hesburger's delicious history dates back to 1966 when Heikki Salmela and his wife Kirsti founded Kievari Grilli in Naantali and in the 1970s, the hard-working entrepreneurs set their sights on Turku where the budding company enjoyed enormous popularity among the locals. In the 1980s, fast food gained an even stronger presence in Finland, with honest-to-goodness fast food restaurants becoming an integral part of the street scene. This new trend also resulted in the first Hesburger restaurant which was opened in 1980. Hesburger's recipe for success? It's actually easy – the most important thing is the taste of the products. Another key ingredient is friendly service which we maintain by constantly training our personnel. We also emphasize the cleanliness of our facilities and product consistency. We use a clearly defined and carefully monitored chain concept to ensure these things.